SPX is giving you a rebuild and repair option for your well worn cooling tower gearbox. Not only can you get a new replacement gearbox for your cooling tower; a factory-trained technician with years of experience can repair your existing gearbox or rebuild a gearbox for your cooling tower at our Marley® plant in Olathe, KS. With our Geareducer® Solutions program, you can be confident SPX has a solution regardless of your cooling tower needs.

Proven History
SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures Marley Geareducers for cooling towers in HVAC, industrial and power plant applications. For over 75 years, Marley gearboxes have set the standard for cooling tower gearbox excellence in performance and durability. Every one of over 100,000 units installed in the field embodies SPX’s commitment and attention to quality standards in development, production and performance.

Cooling Tower Knowledge
SPX, as a leading cooling tower manufacturer, designs and produces all critical components, including the Marley Geareducer, specifically for cooling tower applications. SPX understands the gearbox is an important component in meeting your cooling needs. That’s why the Marley gearbox is designed by SPX engineers to optimize the entire system, ensuring all components work together to deliver optimal cooling tower thermal performance.

Superior Performance
Marley Geareducers have set a high standard in cooling tower performance and durability. The Marley gearbox's high quality gears deliver lower sound and longer life compared to other manufacturers. High thrust load bearings offer increased service life and half the bearing maintenance costs. These key features, along with a warranty that covers the entire gearbox, set Marley Geareducers apart from the rest.

Breadth Of Offering
SPX serves customers in all cooling tower applications and end-markets including HVAC, industrial and power. Our offering includes gearbox sizes up to 300+ horsepower and gear ratios from 2.13 to 19.72 in both single and double reduction. We also have over 75 gearbox models in stock with over 200 assembled Marley Geareducers ready to ship. We give you the flexibility to find the cooling tower gearbox that is optimal for your particular application through our many value-added options, including premium input/output seals and an anti-reversing device that add reliability and overall life to the gearbox.



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