SPX Cooling Technologies is committed to practicing environmentally-aware manufacturing and design processes.

Office Buildings

The SPX Cooling Technologies “Green” world headquarters building utilizes an evaporative cooling system. A building of its size would typically utilize air-cooled rooftop equipment that uses much more energy. The building was designed with numerous “healthy” building features, like a substantial outside air percentage with effective filtration systems, as well as being designed with well-insulated walls and glazing for energy efficiency. Full perimeter windows with UV inhibition are utilized to reduce lighting energy requirements. Our company has maintained systems to recycle paper and other waste for many years.

Our three-acre underground and seven-acre above ground Research and Development Center is heavily engaged in research to improve energy efficiency and to reduce noise, visible plume and other potential environmental impacts from cooling systems.

Air2Air™ Water Conservation Technology

SPX scientists and engineers have developed a simple and effective system for recovering much of the water that is evaporated in a standard cooling tower. Recovered water can be returned directly to the tower basin, or even piped away as a pure water stream for boiler make-up or other plant uses. By combining the Air2Air technology with a hybrid, split steam system, steam plant cooling systems can be optimized to provide the most efficient use of available resources.

SPX Cooling Technologies has recently received a research grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for a full-scale installation to validate the water saving capabilities of Air2Air technology

Removing Volatile Compounds

Manufacturing of glued thermoformed PVC film-fill has been converted to a glue system without the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Thermoformed PVC film-fill used in our crossflow HVAC cooling towers utilize a non-glued design, completely avoiding VOCs.


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