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We became SPX Cooling Technologies in 2005, but our company is more than a century old. We’re formed from some of the most successful companies in the cooling industry: Marley, Recold, Ceramic, Balcke, Davenport and Hamon Dry Cooling.

Balcke & Co. was founded in Germany in 1894 and became a world leader in cooling towers in the early 1900s. Marley was founded in the United States in 1922 as the Power Plant Equipment Company before becoming The Marley Company in 1926. Recold was founded in 1932 in Brea, California. These companies invented and patented most of the industrial cooling tower innovations and technologies in use today.

Among the firsts that we’ve accomplished are:

Spray nozzles; atmospheric deck tower

Concrete hyperbolic natural draft cooling tower; mechanical draft cooling tower with induced fan

Air cooled condenser; underflow design cooling tower

Crossflow design using film fill; air-cooled heat exchanger; 100-ton evaporative condenser

Largest fan in the world; multi-fan mechanical draft cooling tower

Combined wet/dry cooling tower; natural draft wet cooling tower with integrated flue gas desulphurization; complete indirect dry cooling system

Timber construction for multi-cell hybrid cooling towers; complete cold end system

Liquid natural gas heating tower; circular mechanical draft cooling tower with natural draft assistance

The world’s largest cooling installation


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