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125 Years of Energy

A publication commemorating Balcke-Dürr 125th Anniversary. The 125th anniversary is a significant milestone in Balcke’s history. We proudly express our gratitude to all those who contributed to making the success stories of Balcke-Dürr and SPX Cooling Technologies possible.

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2800 Geareducer

2800 Geareducer IOM User Manual

Operation, Service Instructions, Maintenance, and Repair Manual

Analysis of Cooling Tower Performance

A Comprehensive Approach to the Analysis of Cooling Tower Performance

The generally accepted concept of cooling tower performance was developed by Merkel in 1925. The Merkel Equation combines the sensible and latent heat transfer into an overall process based on enthalpy potential as the driving force.

A World Leader in Air Cooled Condensers

Air Cooled Condensers

The modularized A-Frame design is used on power plants of all sizes. The integral features are long-term mechanical and thermal integrity, excellent corrosion and freeze resistance, low fan power consumption, reliable operation and low maintenance.

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air cooled condensers

Air Cooled Condensers - Global References

Recent Air Cooled Condenser installations world wide.

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Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Marley Air Cooled Heat Exchangers stand up to the demanding requirements for heat transfer processes in chemical, oil and gas, process and power generation applications.

The Application of Cooling Towers for Free Cooling

Application of Cooling Towers for Free Cooling

Energy costs and operating efficiency have gained considerable importance in the minds of many building owners and plant operators in recent years. Current prospects for future prices of energy resources suggest that these issues will become even more urgent as environmental concerns and the high cost of money exert an ever greater impact on building design and operation.

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ASHRAE Guideline

ASHRAE Guideline 12-2000 Legionellosis

Minimizing the Risk of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems.

Posted with permission from ASHRAE ©2000.  This document may not be copied nor distributed in either paper or digital form without ASHRAE’s permission.
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Class 1000 User Manual - Non Current

Starting Procedure, Operation, Energy Management, Maintenance, Cleaning, Troubleshooting, and Safety Manual


Class 500 Crossflow Cooling Tower User Manual - Non Current

Starting Procedure, Operation, Maintenance, and Shutdown Instructions Manual


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