• Cooling Options take the LEED

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    SPX Cooling Technologies is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and an advocate of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Program.

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  • Cooling Tower Fundamentals

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    Cooling Tower Fundamentals is devoted to the implementation of water cooling systems which satisfy design and environmental requirements with sound engineering and responsible cost.

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  • Eurovent Certified Performance

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    Performance certification is the basis for Endusers, consultants, Contractors, Manufacturers and Government to ensure correct investment in quality products.

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  • Products and Services

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    An overview of the applications for which we provide, including HVAC, refrigeration, industrial, chemical processing, refining, and power generation. Also, this brochure includes a high-level overview of parts and accessories.

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  • SPX Cooling Research and Development Center

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    From its inception, The Marley Cooling Tower Company, now SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., has been committed to a strong research and development program that has, over the years, produced industry-leading technologies and innovations. The Research and Development Center, located in Kansas City, MO, has been the global technology hub for SPX product brands since its foundation in 1957.

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  • SPX Culture, Community and Careers

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    Our company’s culture, developed over nearly a century, is critical to our success. The Marley Way philosophy, named for our legacy cooling tower business, the Marley Company, builds and enhances collaboration among and within departments.

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  • SPX Olathe Manufacturing Facility

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    Today, with 250,000 square feet of space across 20 acres of land, the SPX Olathe factory operates three shifts to continually meet customer demand. The current production capabilities include cooling towers, fluid coolers, structural stainless steel and carbon steel welding plus PVC film fill, eliminators and extruded splash fill.

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  • SPX Power Plant Equipment and Services

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    Finding innovative ways to help the world meet its ever growing demand for power is a key focus for SPX. As a multi-industry Fortune 500 manufacturer, we provide creative solutions that serve global energy markets in a myriad of ways.

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  • UPDATE-Thermal Selection Simplified

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    Accurate cooling tower selection is critical – with the proper product selection and configuration you can significantly lower your costs, improve performance and avoid a multitude of costly mistakes. Marley® is pleased to provide a free online tool to assist with your cooling tower selection – UPDATE is the ultimate, single point resource for simplified thermal selection.

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