• Variflow Nozzle Cup

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    Simple modifications to Marley crossflow cooling towers permit variance in the flow rate over a wide range by varying the number of nozzles that are active as a function of the flow rate. Installing Variflow nozzle cups can effectively divide the

  • AV 6800 engineering data and specifications

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  • Marley MD Cooling Tower Engineering Data and Specifications

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    MD engineering data, product specifications plus specification meaning and value. Base tower and options.

  • Marley Alpha III Crossflow Splash Fill

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    Alpha III fill will increase cooling tower capacity (compared with wood lath on similar spacing). Variable fill bar spacing is available to provide the required thermal performance.

  • The Marley Difference - Crossflow Performance

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    All components used in Marley crossflow cooling towers have been rigorously tested at SPX’s industry leading Research and Development Center as a system, in the configurations in which they are actually used.

  • The Marley Difference - Counterflow Performance

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    Experience has shown that cookbook combinations of laboratory component data do not yield expected results in full scale performance. In order to develop valid cooling tower performance prediction, experience in field testing a variety of tower

  • FB20 Counterflow Film Fill


    FB20 clog-resistant film fill is constructed of fire-retardant PVC sheets bonded to form blocks of cooling media. The surface microstructure facilitates air/water mixing and increases the surface

  • DF381 Counterflow Film Fill


    DF381 is a film fill system designed to significantly reduce the risk of biological fouling without sacrificing high-performance heat transfer. DF381 is a bottom supported lowclog log fill


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