• Marley-Ceramic Permagrid® Counterflow Splash Fill

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    Ceramic™ Permagrid tile fill is the most durable fill in the industry with a guaranteed minimum of 25 years of service. Molded from domestic clay to strict specifications, the clay is heat fired to create a fill that is immune to traditional

  • Marley MVC20 Counterflow Film Fill

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    MVC20 is a high-performance anti-fouling film type fill which is formed in modules which can be dimensioned to fit any application.

  • Mesa Crossflow Splash Fill


    Mesa splash-fill bar advances the state of the art in cooling tower splash fill. The enhanced thermal performance of Mesa fill increases cooling tower capacity in most cases. Variable fill bar

  • Marley Spiral Target Crossflow Nozzle

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    The Spiral Target nozzle was originally designed by Marley to replace ceramic metering orifices located in the hot water distribution basins of crossflow towers and to eliminate water diffusion decks below the hot water basins.

  • Marley NS Counterflow Nozzle

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    NS Nozzles simply screw into adapter pipes and lock in place. They can be removed and reinstalled without tools. The diffusion ring snaps into place.

  • MX625 Crossflow Film Fill

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    Marley MX625 is a hanging film type cooling tower fill which spreads the water into a thin film, flowing over large vertical surfaces, promoting maximum exposure to air flow.

  • Marley Ladder Crossflow Splash Fill

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    The ladder configuration provides highly efficient water breakup to develop excellent heat transfer with low resistance to airflow. The horizontal spacing between ladders is variable to meet thermal performance requirements.

  • Class 600 Crossflow Cooling Tower Specifications

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    Class 600 wood construction product specifications plus specification meaning and values. Base tower and options.

  • MCR Counterflow Film Fill


    MCR is a film fill system designed to significantly reduce the risk of biological fouling while minimizing the loss of highperformance heat transfer. Open, offset vertical corrugations allow debris

  • AAFNCS Counterflow Film Fill


    Marley's AAFNCS™ anti-fouling film type fill consists of thermoformed corrugated sheets made of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), impervious to decay, fungus and biological attack. The sheets


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