• SPX Power Plant Equipment and Services

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    Finding innovative ways to help the world meet its ever growing demand for power is a key focus for SPX. As a multi-industry Fortune 500 manufacturer, we provide creative solutions that serve global energy markets in a myriad of ways.

  • SPX Profile – Cooling Tower Fill

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    From high-performance film-fills to performance enhancing splash-fills, SPX Cooling Technologies has every possible combination to fit any specific heat dissipation project.

  • SPX Profile – Research and Development

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    From its inception, Marley, now SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., has been committed to a strong research and development program. In 1957, this effort was centralized in the current Research and Development Center constructed on the site of what was

  • SPX Profile – MCW Counterflow Cooling Tower

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    The Marley MCW forced draft counterflow cooling tower is optimized for the low noise, low profile requirements of urban residential and commercial installations, reducing noise and increasing energy efficiency and performance.

  • SPX Profile – MBX Crossflow Replacement Film Fill

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    Marley MBX high-performance fill — a crossflow film-fill system specifically designed for maintenance and replacement productivity. Compared to traditional hanging fill, MBX can reduce installation time by up to 40 percent while offering greater

  • SPX Profile - Low Noise Solutions

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    SPX Cooling Technologies has developed new “low noise” configurations that allow cooling equipment to operate with reduced radiated noise, while maintaining equipment performance. Primarily designed for new HVAC and industrial equipment


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