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Why Plume Abatement?

Plume from a cooling tower can pose several issues. It may affect visibility and safety as well as public perception. Plume abatement is the process of removing this visible plume.

Plume is a cloud of water vapor produced by a cooling tower.

Why is plume abatement important?

A community may perceive plume as pollution.

Plume is a Normal Issue

Cooling tower systems have been around for decades. SPX Cooling Technologies brand has been synonymous with leading cooling tower technology since 1892.

And while every SPX cooling system is designed for maximum performance, certain environmental conditions can lead to visible water vapor plumes — plumes that can affect visibility and safety as well as public perception, and potentially delay permits and jeopardize project timelines.

For many, finding a cooling solution that provides exceptional performance and value while minimizing plume development has been challenging. Fortunately, we have developed a ground-breaking solution to this problem.

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