Recold V Tech

Adiabatic Cooling System

Brand: Recold | Product Type: Adiabatic Cooling System

Recold V Tech 1
Recold V Tech 2
Recold V Tech 3

Product Details:

 Availability: U.S. | Unit Sizes: 1 – 8 fans
 Applications: Halocarbon Refrigerant Condensing, CO2 Gas Cooling
 Capacity – Condensing: 25-295 Tons
 Capacity – CO2 Cooling: 32-372 Tons
 Induced draft, vertical discharge
 Fans: Direct drive airfoil impellers
 Motors: Electronically commutated
 Nominal Width: 4 feet
 Nominal Length: 4 feet – 32 feet
 Nominal Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
 Coil Construction: Cu tube/Al fin; SS tube/Al fin; epoxy coated option
 Rigging: Built-in lifting eyes
 Mounting: Heavy-duty rigid foot mount

For halocarbon refrigerant condensing or CO2 gas cooling applications in supermarket refrigeration systems. 


The Recold V Tech Adiabatic Cooling System enhances the utility of an air cooled system with the efficiency boost of a wet system during peak conditions, providing lower energy usage and smaller footprint than an air cooled condenser and lower site water usage than an evaporative condenser.

  • EC motors ensure reliable and efficient operation
  • Integral energy management system monitors and regulates fan speed
  • Water usage reduced up to 60% or more vs. evaporative condenser
  • Evaporative pads precool air only on peak days
  • Coils remain dry to maintain efficiency and life expectancy
  • Most applications do not require supplemental water treatment


  • Plug and play system with automatic motor programming
  • Standalone or remote interface control
  • Setpoint changeover and/or nighttime limiter
  • Operational and fault signaling
  • Remote monitoring
  • Bypass operation


The system provides even water distribution across the entire surface area of the cooling pads to minimize dry spots. The pad’s fluted angles direct water flow towards the air inlet side of the pad where most evaporation takes place.

A targeted amount of water is not evaporated, helping to continuously rinse the pads, minimizing scaling and clogging of the inlet from atmospheric dust. This also minimizes the accumulation of dirt on the finned surface area of the heat exchanger.

The Recold V Tech Adiabatic Cooling System’s highly-engineered metered water distribution system minimizes water treatment requirements.