FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jodie Klaus SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. 913 664 7710 SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. announces the expansion of its Marley MD cooling tower line. Multiple enhancements have been made to this induced-draft counterflow cooling tower to give it a smaller footprint that offers layout alternatives. The Marley MD expanded line incorporates other features such as: • The CTI Certified Marley MD cooling tower comes with the Marley Ultra Quiet fan and other fan and attenuation options to meet the most stringent sound requirements. • Triple-pass inlet louvers limit the sunlight entering the collection basin reducing the potential for algae growth. Large access doors with removable block fill and other features simplify maintenance. • As an option, all collection basin parts exposed to circulating water and all basin options are made of heavy-gauge series 300 stainless steel for extra protection. • The factory-installed optional basin sweeper piping augments the filtration system to keep all equipment running smoothly. These features, along with unmatched reliability, low energy consumption and a superior water management system, make the Marley MD cooling tower the right solution for light industrial and HVAC applications.
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