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SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. recently introduced several new performance enhancements to its flagship Marley NC 8400 Cooling Tower. These upgrades contribute to greater cooling and energy efficiencies, validated acoustic measurement and operational reliability.

Included among the expanded product benefits are:

  • Significant gains in single cell cooling capacity and ASHRAE 90.1 performance.
  • Sound data independently validated by CTI-licensed test agents.
  • New lower drift rates driven by the patent-pending MarKeyTM drift eliminator.
  • Enhanced vibration protection for smoother start-up and component stability.
  • Expanded options, including cold water basin inlet covers to block sunlight and debris.

The Marley NC 8400 Cooling Tower is a fully factory-assembled, crossflow evaporative cooling system with increased efficiencies and a reduced footprint suitable for both new and replacement cooling in HVAC, light industrial and power applications. Exclusive UPDATETM selection software allows product match analysis and comparisons based on specific project requirements.


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