FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. announces the introduction of the new Marley Ultra Quiet fan on its Marley NC cooling towers. It is designed for cooling tower applications where very low sound is a necessity. The Marley Ultra Quiet fan has up to a 12-dBA reduction in 5’-above-the-fan sound levels versus standard low sound fans. The wide chord blade design is not only suited for low sound operation, but it delivers superior airflow and pressure capability at reduced speeds. Other features offering an improvement over the previous Ultra Quiet fan include: • Fire-resistant, durable marine grade aluminum blades are resiliently mounted to a machined aluminum hub. • The potential for vibration is reduced due to the fan being up to 70% lighter than similar FRP fans. • Its lightweight design is especially beneficial for knockdown towers or in tight urban environments where cranes and other equipment cannot be used. • Pitch can be quickly adjusted by loosening the attachment hardware and rotating the blades to achieve desired pitch, delivering precise utilization of fan horsepower. • Constructed from aluminum, the Marley Ultra Quiet fan meets FM approval standards The Marley Ultra Quiet fan is available in diameters from 66” to 156”. It is currently offered on the Marley NC cooling tower.


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