Overland Park, KS, February 23, 2017 SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of cooling towers and other specialized heat exchangers, announces its first Proof in Performance vodcast series. This three-part series discusses how PVC film fill functions and why using Marley OEM replacement fill helps maintain certification and top cooling tower performance.

In the Proof in Performance series, SPX product manager Jerome Jennings explains the concepts behind Marley hanging fill and the benefits it provides compared to other fill options. The first video in the series focuses on the function of fill in a cooling tower, its impact on thermal performance and why “drift” is an important consideration.

The second video in the series compares Marley hanging fill with other aftermarket fill products such as packed fill. Jennings discusses the differences in fill design, structure and fabrication and the impact these have on cooling tower performance.

The third video reviews other customer considerations in fill selection including energy savings and labor costs and how to evaluate priorities.

This is a welcome opportunity for SPX customers to learn the ins and outs of their cooling towers and understand the advantages of the Marley SPX brand. Watch Part 1 of the Proof in Performance series for more details and stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3, coming soon.

Part 1 of the vodcast series can be viewed now at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEpSHtj8bkM


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