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Overland Park, KS SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line-full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers, announces that its leading-edge ClearSky plume abatement technology improves cooling tower efficiency, conserves water, and reduces unwanted water vapor plumes when integrated with Marley® field-erected counterflow cooling towers. ClearSky is advantageous for use in many cooling tower installations, including urban environments, airports, hospitals, data centers and power generation plants. Both new and existing cooling towers can reduce visible plume utilizing ClearSky technology.

ClearSky is a fully integrated system that operates more reliably and efficiently than coil-based systems, which are prone to plugging and are more maintenance-intensive. ClearSky instead uses a series of PVC heat exchanger modules in the tower plenum to condense the moisture in ambient air before it exits the tower, thereby reducing the visible plume.

With ClearSky, it is possible to achieve water savings of up to 30%. Instead of water vapor being released into the air, it is reclaimed and used in the cooling tower system. In applications like power plants, where water consumption for cooling is high, this can provide major cost savings and strong return on investment (ROI).

Plume from a cooling tower can pose issues relating to visibility and safety, especially in locations where visibility is critical such as near highways or airport runways, as well as public perception. By reducing or eliminating the presence of this vapor plume, safety, aesthetics and community relations are improved.

For more information and to watch a video about the ClearSky technology, visit http://spxcooling.com/products/marley-clearsky-plume-abatement.


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