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Overland Park, Kan. SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers, has issued a series of videos about the Marley® LLC Water Level Control Panel. Each of the nine videos in this series focuses on one aspect of the LLC Water Level Control Panel, including a discussion of various components and instructions on how to properly install, use and maintain the technology.

Mark Groothuis, Global Product Manager for SPX, hosts the video series. Video #1 is a general introduction to the Marley LLC Water Level Control Panel. It reviews the four major components of the LLC: the stilling chamber, hanging probe system, solenoid valve and control panel.

Groothuis addresses how to properly install the LLC in Video #2, explaining the relationship between the four major components of the Water Level Control system, and how they work together.

In Video #3, Groothuis discusses a key component of the Marley LLC Water Level Control Panel – the control panel itself – explaining its function and attributes in detail.

Video #4 covers start-up of the LLC Panel. In this video, Groothuis references the instruction manual and wiring diagrams as important aids to the installation process.

In Video #5, Groothuis explains how to test the complete system to ensure it is set up properly.

The final four videos, #6-9, focus on troubleshooting techniques. In Video #6, Groothuis troubleshoots issues with the control panel, and in #7, the makeup card component. Troubleshooting the solenoid valve is covered in video #8; troubleshooting connection points is covered in video #9.

Together, these nine videos provide an overview of the key components of the Marley LLC Water Level Control Panel and guide set-up and maintenance of the panel, helping contractors, service technicians and maintenance engineers gain working knowledge of the function and operation of the LLC Water Level Control system.

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