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SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., Overland Park, Kansas, has expanded its ability to respond to increasing demand for Marley® Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for heat transfer applications in oil and gas, chemical process and power industries. The company recently made investments to increase its capacity to engineer, manufacture and service air cooled heat exchangers. The company anticipates continued strong revenue growth as a result. Air cooled heat exchangers, sometimes referred to as “air coolers,” are pressure vessels employed to cool process fluids in many industries.

A new brochure detailing Marley® Air Cooled Heat Exchangers discusses four considerations for selecting SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. as the preferred supplier partner for air cooled heat exchangers and other essential heat transfer equipment. Among the reasons cited are the unique capabilities of the experienced SPX engineering team, their extensive thermal ratings expertise and use of proprietary programs customized to unique project specifications. Other reasons include in-factory capabilities to fabricate, manufacture, inspect and test air cooled heat exchangers in the 160,000 square foot SPX facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the strength and reliability of the mechanical components, including Marley® fans and Geareducer® options, aftermarket support services, and the global experience and financial strength of SPX Corporation.


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