Factory Assembled


  • Large product freezer/cooler, penthouse and carcass chilling.
  • Optimized coil geometry, special fin design and a modular fan motor system.
  • Available in 111 models with various fan discharge arrangements.
  • 1-4 fans discharge available with horizontal, penthouse and 45° down housing.
  • Tubes are .75” OD staggered in the direction of air flow. Turbo spacers are located between tubes to provide nominal 3 or 4 fins per inch spacing and improve fin efficiency by turbulating the air flow. Tubes also available in 1” OD.
  • Three fan speeds: 870, 1160, 1750 rpm.
  • Motors wired in individual terminal blocks.
  • Type of fan: cast aluminum propeller for longer air throws and external static pressure up to .5” WG.
  • Tonnage range: 5 – 70 tons (17.6kW to 246kW).
  • Motor hp range: 1.0 – 7.5hp

  • Availability: North America


From factory assembled systems for HVAC applications to field erected towers for power and industrial operations, SPX Cooling Technologies can help you realize greater productivity and efficiency.


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