• Belt Drive Fan System


    Among power transmission options, the belt drive’s simple design and manufacturability make it a cost-effective alternative. SPX Cooling Technologies offers belt drives in many cooling tower models.

  • Marley Ultra Quiet Fan User Manual

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    Installation, operation and maintenance manual including parts list

  • Marley HP7i Fan

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    Marley HP7i fans are designed specifically for cooling tower applications, offering distinct advantages over other types of fans. The Marley FlareTip blade enhancement provides increased performance overcoming tip clearance losses—aiding the

  • Marley Reflex RTM Fan Cylinder

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    A light RTM (resin transfer molding) closed-molding process lends itself to increased durability for the final product, and ensures laminate thickness and weight consistency. Because the cavities are infused using rigid forms in the ribs, there is

  • The Marley Difference - Fan Cylinders

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    The fan cylinder does far more than protect operating personnel from a rotating fan. It is a vital link in the chain of critical components that contribute to the overall efficiency of the cooling tower. When correctly designed, manufactured and

  • Fan Cylinders


    Fan cylinders are crucial components for protecting fan blades, minimizing sound and vibration, and facilitating optimal fan performance across all cooling tower applications. Fabricated of


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