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Marley MD Cooling Tower

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For decades, SPX Cooling Technologies has been a leading producer of counterflow cooling towers for large industrial installations. The Marley MD takes advantage of this experience by bringing it down to size.The Marley MD is a factory assembled tower, which makes it a definite go-to solution for light industry and HVAC applications.

Marley Replacement Parts for MD Cooling Towers

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Genuine Marley Parts from SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. were installed at the factory to build your Marley Cooling Tower. To uphold the quality engineering and performance that define your cooling tower, insist on genuine Marley Parts for any service, repair or rebuild project.

Class 800 Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower

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The Marley Class 800 counterflow concrete cooling tower has proven itself as one of the most efficient and reliable cast-in-place designs in the world. The introduction of the Precast 800 version is a logical design evolution taking advantage of increasingly available quality precast production facilities.

Marley MD Cooling Tower User Manual

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Installation, operation and maintenance instructions - as well as those offered separately on motors, fans, float valves, etc. - are intended to assure that your MD cooling tower serves you properly for the maximum possible time.
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Marley MD Everest Assembly

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Watch as the new Marley MD Everest modular cooling tower is assembled. For more information, visit

Marley MD Everest

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When SPX Cooling Technologies engineers began their quest to design a new counterflow cooling tower, they were challenged to reach new heights in cooling performance. Equally important was their mission to create a solution that would greatly simplify and speed factory fabrication, delivery and field assembly. The result is the Marley® MD Everest,™ a cooling tower that has unparalleled customer advantages.