Whether you have a tower nearing the end of its life cycle, have greater operational needs or have experienced a structural failure, SPX is ready with a range of solutions that can get your operation back online fast.

With experience that spans several generations, our highly experienced team can restore your towers to optimal condition—renewed performance that can exceed original specifications.

Dedicated reconstruction team | Experience with older towers | Total solutions from design to installation to service | Complete project management options | Tower inspections | Emergency, temporary units to minimize downtime | Over 30 in-house engineers on staff | Union and non-union construction teams | Over 250 Marley trained craftsmen and technicians



Design, engineering, demolition and construction.

Familiarity with all plant types—power, refining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper and more.

SPX and its legacy brands have designed and constructed 95% of all natural draft and over 100,000 mechanical draft cooling towers in the U.S.

Marley construction (non-union) TRIR is only 20% of industry average.

When it comes to specific cooling tower services, there are plenty of options available. In fact, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the large number of companies that offer expertise in a specific field or for a particular region.

Marley has been a part of the entire cooling tower lifecycle—from design and manufacturing to service and reconstruction— for almost a century. With such a unique perspective and unparalleled knowledge, SPX Cooling Technologies looks beyond one-off solutions to provide complete longevity solutions—proven, convenient, and value-driven approaches that maximize tower performance…as well as maintenance budgets.

Whether you own, operate or maintain cooling towers, SPX is the only call you’ll need to make for total cooling tower care and complete peace of mind.


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