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Factory-Assembled Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers

for machine cooling and lower heat loads


Marley® Fluid Coolers are among the most efficient and reliable systems employed for industrial closed-loop cooling applications. The closed-circuit design means the process fluid remains uncontaminated in clean, closed-loop heat transfer coils. The process fluid is cooled when recirculating water flows over the outside of the heat transfer coils.

Some Marley hybrid-design Fluid Coolers incorporate heat transfer media to drive greater cooling efficiency while conserving fan power and space. Others, without heat transfer media, offer greater dry operation flexibility in cold weather.

Entre sus múltiples ventajas se encuentran:
Copper Coil option. Compared to traditional hot-dip galvanized (HDG) coils, copper provides superior corrosion resistance and 15-30% more thermal capacity. Copper coils are lighter, use 35% less fluid volume and require 35% less fan power.

5-year mechanical warranty to help keep your industrial processes running smoothly year after year.

Certified performance by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) with water, ethylene glycol solutions and propylene glycol solutions.

Low-sound fans as standard and multiple fan and attenuation options to meet more stringent requirements.

Fluid Cooler Applications:

Machine Cooling

Fluid Cooler Heat Exchange
Air Compressor Cooling
Machine Jacket Cooling
Jacket Fluid Cooling
Hydraulic Fluid Cooling
Fluid cooler for hydraulic

Learn more about how Marley Closed Circuit Cooling Towers can be part of your industrial process cooling solution:

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MH Element Fluid Coolers


DT Fluid Coolers

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