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Overland Park, Kansas. Tecnologías de refrigeración SPX, Cª., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers, announces the availability of various control panels and monitoring equipment, which simplifies cooling tower installation, operation and data collection. Marley® control panels enable building management systems to conveniently communicate cooling tower conditions through visual displays, network communications and relay status outputs.

The Marley® AIO (All-In-One) Control Panel reduces installation and startup time, as it uses single-point wiring in one convenient panel. Control functions integrated into the AIO Control Panel are customer-configurable based on job site requirements. A typical combination is the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for the fan motor, Basin Heater control, Water Level control, and Vibration Switch interface. The AIO Control Panel is operator-friendly with easy-to-understand visual displays.

The Marley ABH (Advanced Basin Heater) Control Panel controls on/off operation of the cold water basin heater(s) to prevent freezing in cold environments. It features upgraded components, such as a visual display of water temperature and set point temperature that can then be adjusted as desired. A heater element test circuit provides predictive maintenance, and an optional temperature retransmission output may be selected for communication to a building management system. A main circuit breaker disconnect provides short circuit and overload circuit protection for personnel safety.

SPX also offers a range of vibration monitoring and protection products, from traditional mechanical switches to solid state switches with “smart” features for more accurate measurement. This full range of vibration solutions meets operators’ needs based on factors such as cost and performance, with advanced options to simplify troubleshooting and reduce potential damage to cooling towers.

Like the available vibration solutions, Marley water level controls apply to various cooling tower types and are available in multiple configurations. Advanced ultrasonic technology addresses shortcomings of traditional solutions and better empowers communication with building management systems.