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Marley BasinGard™ Filter

Productos para el manejo del agua

Marca: Marley | Tipo de producto: Producto de gestión del agua
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Reduce maintenance and cleaning costs, and maintain cooling tower performance with the Marley® BasinGard™ Filter, a key component of MarleyGard™ Water Management Products.

Detalles de producto:

 Disponibilidad: América del norte
Available for Marley crossflow cooling towers
Captures debris #4 mesh or larger
Bi-annual replacement recommended

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The Marley BasinGard Filter is a patent-pending filtration system to factory-assembled crossflow cooling towers with or without nozzle cups. The patent-pending filter contains antimicrobial properties and is held in place by a 304 stainless steel grid. By capturing mineral scale, pipe rust, fibers and other debris in the hot water basin, the BasinGard Filter extends equipment life by preventing debris from reaching other components downstream – including cooling tower fill, pump impellers and heat exchangers.

In addition to capturing debris, silver-based biocide is infused in the BasinGard Filter to help support cooling tower hygiene. The Filter, while durable in harsh cooling tower environments, is replaceable for ease of cleaning and renewal of antimicrobial properties, and easy to install every six months as recommended.

Because it ensures free flow of water to the nozzles – even with up to 75% heavy debris blockage – the BasinGard Filter reduces the risk of basin overflow, guards against premature component replacement and helps maintain cooling tower performance. It also provides twice the clog resistance of a hot water basin without a BasinGard Filter, and conserves water by eliminating filter backwash.

BasinGard Filters are available to install in new Marley NC® Cooling Towers and also as an easy-to-install “retrofit” filtration system kit for factory-assembled, crossflow cooling towers.