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MARLEY SPPC (Single Point Power Connection) CONTROL PANEL

Piezas de la torre de enfriamiento
Marca: Marley | Tipo de producto: Controles de la torre de enfriamiento
Marley Single Point Control Panel

Descripción general

Provides power feeds, controls and voltages for all cooling tower controls via single main circuit breaker connection.

Proof In Performance

SPPC panel receives a single source of power (Example: 480V 3 phase). One SPPC panel is required for each cooling tower cell. Incoming power is distributed and transformed inside the SPPC panel providing voltages for various internal control circuits such as 120 VAC water level controls and 480V basin heater controls.

SPPC panel includes an upgraded feature, main circuit breaker (MCB) disconnect providing thermal overload and magnetic short circuit protection for the control panel.

The integrated MCB eliminates the need for upstream overload protection and provides a means for Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO) service procedures. An integrated MCB reduces risk and confusion when sizing upstream protective devices to protect the control panel.

User terminal points for connecting field devices such as solenoid, water level probes, and alarm devices provided

Status contacts for BMS interface

Built to UL and cUL 508A industrial control panel standards

SPPC panels are customized per project:

    • Feeder breaker for remote VFD
    • Starter for the fan motors
    • Integrated water level controls
    • Integrated Basin heater temperature controls