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Marley NX

Torre de enfriamiento de flujo cruzado

Marca: Marley | Tipo de producto: Torre de enfriamiento
Marley NX Cooling Tower 1
Marley NX Cooling Tower 2
Marley NX Cooling Tower 3

Detalles de producto:

 Disponibilidad: APAC (Asia/Pacific)
 Rango GPM: 440- 1369
 Certificado CTI
 121-788 tons per cell
 Non-corrosive fiberglass
 Certified low sound fans standard on all models
¿Qué es una torre de enfriamiento?

The Marley NX is a fiberglass cooling tower designed specifically for expanding markets and optimized for smaller tonnage applications.

Marley NX Fiberglass cooling towers are fiberglass with galvanized steel sub-structure, field-erected, crossflow fill, designed to serve air conditioning and refrigeration systems as well as light to medium industrial process loads on clean water. It has been designed specifically for sound control and tonnage density and incorporates field-proven, industrial-quality components.

Vibration-Resistant Design
Decades of design and manufacturing experience allow Marley to engineer a sturdy, robust structure while minimizing operational vibration levels that could adversely impact efficiency and stability.

Long-Life Construction
Corrosion-resistant materials such as hot-dip galvanized steel and fiberglass ensure your NX cooling tower meets the high-demand needs of your HVAC and light industrial applications — plus outstanding value!

Certified Performance
Offering exceptional thermal performance, the NX cooling tower is certified by CTI (Cooling Technologies Institute). And since it’s a Marley, you can be confident it will provide you with years of reliable service.

Low Operating Cost
Thanks to Marley high-efficiency fill and fans, gravity-flow water distribution and active spray nozzles, and precision drive systems, the NX cooling tower offers maximized cooling with minimized power consumption.

All-Climate Flexibility
From blistering heat to icy cold and everything in between, the NX cooling tower is designed to meet the rigorous, changing, and varied climates of global markets, while providing simple maintenance.

Silencioso por diseño
All standard NX cooling towers are equipped with low sound fans. This in combination with zero-splash crossflow film-fill results in a line of cooling towers capable of meeting most noise limitations.

Air Movement Package
  • High-Efficiency Fan strong aluminum alloy with adjustable-pitch blades and specialized TEAO motor
  • Fan Guard welded heavy-gauge rods, hot-dip galvanized after fabrication
  • Eased Inlet Fan Cylinder assures full-area, low- turbulent airflow through cylinder
  • Durable Bearing Housing cast housing assures proper shaft alignment and minimizes belt slippage
Sistema de distribución de agua
  • Marley MX Thermoformed PVC Film Fill designed to keep circulating water confined to fill area, maximize water contact with airflow, and minimize icing conditions
  • High Performance Marley Spiral-Target Nozzles durable polypropylene design for easy maintenance and reduced clogging
  • Simplified Flangeless Inlet a universal custom-fit piping outlet for easier adaptation to any pipe standard
  • Gravity-Flow Distribution allows for easy, nonrestrictive maintenance while operating
  • Quality Materials utilizes FRP and hot-dip galvanized steel frame for added strength and fiberglass panels for superior corrosion resistance
  • Crossflow Configuration makes maintenance simpler and safer than other designs
  • Puerta de acceso grande allows safer, non-confining and more efficient visual inspections of cold water basin, internal structure, drift eliminators and mechanical equipment in the plenum area
  • Field Assembled simplifies transportation to job sites

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