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Marley CoolBoost™ Opti FC
Control Panel

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Coolboost cooling tower control panel


The Marley® CoolBoost Opti FC control panel gives operators one enclosure for all fluid cooler control needs, including pump, fan, water level and other vital communications.

CoolBoost Opti FC helps optimize system performance through the conservation of energy or water, and offers other benefits including an upgraded user interface and faster integration.

Proof In Performance
Optimizes System Performance with Flexible Operating Modes

  • Broad range of operating modes to optimize machine operation
  • Dry Priority – fan-first or no-pump options prioritize fan operation to save water
  • Wet Priority – pump-first or no-fan options prioritize pump operation to save energy

Provides Intuitive Operation with PLC Control Logic & Modern Interface

  • Touch-screen HMI for maximum functionality
  • Comprehensive interface provides all status conditions at a glance
  • Integral PLC for selectable control options – Auto, Hand, and Off
  • BMS integration allows for remote or local control

Saves System Integration Time

  • Plug-and-play, single-point power connection eliminates panel design time and electrician costs – saving as much as 20 installation hours*
  • BACnet communication compatibility simplifies integration into BMS systems for monitoring, control and saving historical data

*Estimate based on comparable system function

Electrical Components
  PLC provides run commands and operating logic for the spray pump, fan motor, water level and damper control.
  HMI displays current status, allows local operation, and is protected from the elements with a cover.
  Full BACnet communication integration allows status monitoring, historical data collection, and remote operation.
  NEMA 3R painted enclosure includes external disconnect handle with padlocking provision to meet lockout/tagout safety requirements.
  Main circuit breaker has thermal and magnetic overload protection.
  Up to 4 RTD sensors are available to provide real time system feedback. Process Fluid Out and Lower Basin Temperature are standard.
  Fan motor power supply connection provided for the external VFD(s).
  Power supply connection provided for fan motor space heaters.
  Power transformer provided for AC and DC auxiliary power.
  Motor protection circuit breakers protect against overload and short circuit currents.
  65K SCCR Short Circuit Current Rating.
  Wiring diagram is laminated and mounted inside enclosure panel.
  Built to UL508 and cUL508 safety requirements.

  Integrated fan motor VFD with bypass function.
  Integrated fan motor starters.
  Integrated basin heater controls with spray pump heat trace kit.
  Oil level detection.
  NEMA 4X fiberglass or stainless steel enclosure