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H3 Fan

Parti della torre di raffreddamento

Marca: Marley | Tipologia di prodotto: Parti della torre di raffreddamento
Marley H3 Fan

Dettagli del prodotto:

  Vero design del profilo alare "contorto".
  Solid cast aluminum alloy
  Infinite pitch adjustment
  Machined aluminum hub
  54″ through 216″ diameter
  Standard hardware in acciaio inossidabile
Proof In Performance

Marley H3 cast aluminum alloy fans are standard equipment on various Marley product lines.

All H3 fan assemblies incorporate machined aluminum hubs with stainless steel hardware. All H3 fans blades are adjustable in pitch, to take full advantage of rated horsepower or to compensate for unusual job site restrictions.

A true airfoil blade, designed specifically for cooling towers offering efficient quiet operation and long service life. Available in 54” through 216” fan diameters.