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Recycled Material

We have a strong commitment to using recycled materials in our products. At the end of a product’s life, many of the materials used in manufacturing and construction can be recycled.

Marley NC cooling towers, for example, are composed of about 70 percent recycled material when the structure is manufactured out of stainless steel or 29 percent when manufactured out of galvanized steel.

Our cooling towers frequently use gearboxes containing oil for lubrication and cooling. The Marley System 5 Geareducer has been designed to operate five years between oil changes which greatly reduces the amount of oil that needs to be recycled.

LEED Credits
It is important to note that LEED, the US national standard for green buildings, does not include large mechanical equipment such as elevators and air-conditioning equipment, which includes cooling towers, as a part of the recycled or regional sourced materials calculations.


La revista ACR News, con sede en el Reino Unido, publicó nuestro artículo de preguntas y respuestas, en el que encuestamos a ingenieros y expertos en diseño, que explica cómo las torres de enfriamiento pueden contribuir al éxito de proyectos LEED y otras iniciativas de sostenibilidad.