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DT Fluid Cooler

Overland Park, Kan. Tecnologie di raffreddamento SPX, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative cooling towers, fluid coolers and related equipment, has incorporated new proprietary Aero-X coil technology into its induced-draft, closed-circuit DT Fluid Coolers. The Aero-X tube profile maximizes thermal capacity per coil row thanks to the lowest air-side pressure drop (up to 10% more airflow at the same fan HP) and maximum heat transfer surface area.

Il funzionamento a secco è prolungato per periodi più lunghi con temperature del punto di commutazione fino a 10°F + superiori rispetto ad altre torri di raffreddamento a circuito chiuso simili. A seconda del clima, gli operatori possono guadagnare fino a 15-20% ore annuali incrementali in modalità a secco, con un risparmio annuale di acqua di 3.000 galloni/tonnellata e $40/tonnellata per tonnellata di raffreddamento ottenibile in molte aree. Le batterie alettate opzionali migliorano ulteriormente la capacità di funzionamento a secco a temperature ambiente più elevate.

Reduced fluid pressure drop, up to 30% lower than previous generation, positively impacts system operating cost by lowering pump energy demand. DT models are available in a wide range of sizes and layouts to meet specific requirements and offer options for reducing equipment size. Standard equipment includes the low-maintenance Marley Geareducer® gear drive, clog-resistant water distribution system, triple-pass air inlet louvers to reduce splash out, and low-sound fan for quiet operation. Heavy-duty construction with galvanized and stainless steel material options and five-year mechanical warranty ensure reliable cooling over a wide range of closed loop applications.