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For Industrial Refrigeration Applications Using Ammonia

Overland Park, Kan.SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of specialized heat exchangers, introduces the SGS brand IEC evaporative condenser, a blow-through condensing unit for industrial refrigeration applications, specifically designed and built to simplify installation for contractors and provide robust componentry and extended life for operators.

Among the IEC Evaporative Condenser features that speed installation for contractors are:

  • Built-in spreader bars for simplified crane lifts
  • Self-aligning top and bottom modules that require only four bolt connections to speed field installation
  • A header collar that positively seals the connection plate between the casing and header pipe, virtually eliminating the potential for leaks

For operators of refrigerated facilities, the IEC Evaporative Condenser is an industrial-grade product designed to reliably support the refrigeration plant while providing maintenance advantages and extended product life. Features include:

  • Exclusive optional hot-dip galvanized (HDG) casing for superior corrosion protection
  • Exclusive nuts and bolts construction throughout structure for greater stability
  • Fully welded, HDG fan system with full fan partitions for staging operations
  • Casing flanges that angle downward to shed water, debris and allow two directional sealing
  • Framed HDG coils to square sections and eliminate air bypass gaps
  • For easy maintenance access:
    • motors protected from environmental exposure
    • vertical motor adjustment for easy belt tensioning
    • all polymer spray system with low-clog nozzles and quick coupling for simple removal

To meet the specific requirements of industrial refrigeration airside applications, SGS brand IEC blow-through models are offered in 10-foot and 12-foot nominal widths and four nominal lengths from 12 to 36 feet. For more information about SGS brand IEC Evaporative Condensers from SPX Cooling Technologies, including a video highlighting installation and operational benefits, visit /evaporative-condensers/sgs-iec/.