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Riduttore® – M Series

Parti della torre di raffreddamento

Marca: Marley | Tipologia di prodotto: Parti della torre di raffreddamento
Marley M Series Geareducer

Dettagli del prodotto:

 Outstanding durability
 Progettato specificamente per il servizio delle torri di raffreddamento
 Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of CTI Std. 111 and AGMA standards
 Durata operativa minima L10A di 100.000 ore su entrambi gli alberi di ingresso e di uscita
 Paraolio a labbro di lunga durata sull'albero di ingresso
 Albero di uscita sigillato con anello a labirinto esente da manutenzione
 Cuscinetti a rulli conici Timken
 Two-stage (spiral bevel/helical) gear reduction for efficient power transmission
Proof In Performance
Marley M Series Geareducers are designed and manufactured to directly replace Amarillo brand gear drives in cooling towers for power and industrial applications. In shape and function, their design goes beyond standard AGMA requirements – both to maximize air movement through the tower and to minimize maintenance requirements.
The Marley M Series Geareducer is designed to directly replace gearboxes found in non-Marley cooling towers, specifically Amarillo gear drives. The footprint of the M Series matches comparable Amarillo gear drives, eliminating the need to replace or add other tower components such as the fan hub, driveshaft or adaptor plate. Simplified replacement means the M Series offers the customer significant savings in components and labor costs.

Combining the proven longevity and performance of Marley’s robust housings and bearings with modern seal enhancements and built-in vibration transducer mounting, the comprehensive M Series eliminates the need for additional pumps, filters or coolers to run properly. External cooling fins and large internal oil passageways both contribute to keeping the M Series running cool and prolonging oil life. It also optimizes cooling tower fan performance with minimal noise, transmission losses and vibration levels. The M Series is a top-tier, advanced alternative to speed reducers such as those produced by Amarillo.

Marley Geareducers withstand the extreme temperatures and humidity of cooling tower environments. And, since we warrant not only the Geareducer, but the thermal performance of the cooling tower it supports, the design, engineering, and manufacture are taken very seriously. This results in more reliable operation and longer life cycle – a superior solution for large industrial and power plant applications.