Our Green Initiatives

SPX Cooling Technologies is committed to practicing environmentally-aware manufacturing and design processes.

Office Buildings
The SPX Cooling Technologies “green” world headquarters building utilizes an evaporative cooling system. A building of its size would typically use air-cooled rooftop equipment that requires much more energy. The building was designed with numerous “healthy” building features, including effective filtration systems, and well-insulated walls and glazing for energy efficiency. Its full-perimeter windows with UV inhibition also reduce lighting energy requirements. Our company has maintained systems to recycle paper and other waste for many years.

Our three-acre underground and seven-acre aboveground Research and Development Center is heavily engaged in research to improve energy efficiency and to reduce noise, visible water vapor plume and other potential environmental impacts from cooling systems.

Marley® ClearSky® Plume Abatement Technology
Certain environmental conditions will introduce plume, which can lead to visibility and safety issues affecting transportation, and impact public perception. SPX overcomes these challenges through its unique ClearSky Plume Abatement technology.

ClearSky is a fully integrated system of PVC heat exchanger components that reduces the majority of water vapor before it departs the tower, eradicating common misperceptions about plume’s effect on the environment and conserving water by up to 30 percent of standard usage per year. Compared to traditional coil systems, towers equipped with ClearSky also decrease investment, maintenance and operation costs through minimized auxiliary power usage. For example, a large cooling tower fan cell can save more than 1 million gallons of water annually. Learn more about ClearSky Plume Abatement.

Removing Volatile Compounds
Manufacturing of glued thermoformed PVC film-fill has been converted to a glue system without the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Thermoformed PVC film-fill used in our crossflow HVAC cooling towers utilize a non-glued design, completely avoiding VOCs.


英國雜誌 ACR News 發表了我們的問答文章,調查工程師和設計專家,解釋了冷卻水塔如何為成功的 LEED 專案和其他永續發展舉措做出貢獻。