GridLoc 飛濺填充支持

品牌: 馬利 |產品類別: 冷卻水塔零件
GridLoc Splash-Fill Support


GridLoc splash-fill support is a polypropylene injection molded support for use in crossflow towers. The GridLoc design has a pair of integral, opposing, downward sloping splash bar grips attached to the vertical strands in each window to secure splash bars.

The lower horizontal strand has a short pair of vertical nubs to center splash bars and provide a nonabrasive support that eliminates the need for bench supports.

Proof In Performance
The GridLoc design has a molded in shelf support at the top of the grid for attaching the grid to the structural members. The grid can be either nailed or screwed to the support member to avoid movement of the grid in the horizontal plane.

The typical GridLoc arrangement will be in 4’ x 6’ bays with bars parallel to air flow. The nominal window opening for bar spacing is 4” horizontal by 8” vertical. The GridLoc splash bar grips are compatible with many Marley splash bar designs as well as commercially available bars. GridLoc will retrofit on historic Marley towers.

正品馬利 OEM 零件經過精密設計,可為您提供可靠的產品。雖然其他供應商可能會以最初的優惠價格提供零件,但您可能會面臨性能下降的風險,並失去 FM 和 CTI 評級。馬利 OEM 零件具有值得您信賴的耐用性,因為我們專門為冷卻水塔設計和製造這些零件。

由於工廠運作依賴冷卻水塔性能,因此選擇最高品質的零件(Marley OEM 零件)非常重要。