品牌: 馬利 |產品類別: 冷卻水塔零件
MVC20 Counterflow Film Fill


Marley’s MVC20™ anti-fouling film type fill consists of thermoformed corrugated sheets made of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), impervious to decay, fungus and biological attack.

The sheets are bonded to form modules which can be dimensioned to fit any application.

Proof In Performance
MVC20 fill combines properties related to a media’s ability to allow substances to migrate through it, while maintaining thermal efficiency— this then allows for the use of film fill where fouling risks occur.

Each module consists of vertically channeled flat and corrugated surfaces, which essentially avoids contact between the sheets, thus eliminating water concentration. The horizontal corrugations and their location within the sheet promote optimum mixing of air and water. The flutes in the MVC20 fill are vertically and aerodynamically shaped resulting in a reduction of pressure drop.

  Vertical-flute film fill
  Low maintenance
  Low clog design
  Low pressure drop
正品馬利 OEM 零件經過精密設計,可為您提供可靠的產品。雖然其他供應商可能會以最初的優惠價格提供零件,但您可能會面臨性能下降的風險,並失去 FM 和 CTI 評級。馬利 OEM 零件具有值得您信賴的耐用性,因為我們專門為冷卻水塔設計和製造這些零件。

由於工廠運作依賴冷卻水塔性能,因此選擇最高品質的零件(Marley OEM 零件)非常重要。