Factory-Assembled Modular Open-Circuit Cooling Towers

for medium to high heat loads


Whether serving a new plant or replacing a traditional field-erected cooling tower, Marley® factory-assembled cooling towers offer significant advantages, including shorter lead times for faster delivery and pre-built modules for easier and safer installation.

These modular towers are built with industrial-grade materials and engineered to withstand the rigors of process cooling applications in manufacturing plants, data centers and district energy complexes.

Among their many advantages are:

Certified thermal performance by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) to meet thermal performance as specified, eliminating site test expense.

FM APPROVED option. Many Marley cooling towers are FM approved for use without a fire protection system to allow more affordable operation insurance.

Site flexibility. Pre-assembled towers require less laydown area, more site placement options, and typically use less plan area than field-erected towers.

Integral cold water basin option. Many Marley towers incorporate cold water basins, eliminating costly on-site concrete basin construction.

Range of heat transfer media to accommodate varying water quality. 

Featured Products:

NC Everest

Marley NC Everest® Crossflow Cooling Tower
The NC Everest provides up to 50% greater cooling capacity, higher energy savings, fewer components and lower maintenance costs. 


Marley NC® Crossflow Cooling Tower
The Marley NC Cooling Tower has set the standard for high efficiency and low maintenance since its introduction in 1968.

MD Everest

Marley MD Everest® Counterflow Cooling Tower
The MD Everest Cooling Tower is uniquely suited for applications with higher cooling demands, including data centers, district energy complexes, health science campuses and industrial complexes. 


Marley MD® Counterflow Cooling Tower
The Marley MD is a factory-assembled, counterflow cooling tower. For many HVAC and light industrial applications, this design requires less plan area and offers greater site placement flexibility than a comparable crossflow tower.

Learn more about how Marley Open Circuit Cooling Towers can be part of your industrial process cooling solution:


Whitepaper: Modular Construction
模組化設計的新進步使冷卻能力提高了 50%,節省了更多能源和安裝費用,減少了組件數量,並且更易於維護。


Whitepaper: Cooling Towers Offer Water and Energy Savings as Part of Efficient Data Center Cooling Systems
模組化設計的新進步使冷卻能力提高了 50%,節省了更多能源和安裝費用,減少了組件數量,並且更易於維護。

Data Center Cooling

Whitepaper: How FM APPROVED Cooling Towers Help Reduce Risks
When water flow is temporarily suspended, as in the event of a fire, some cooling towers that contain combustible materials and dry areas may be at risk.


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