MH Fluid Cooler Single Flow Revit Files

The Revit product families for the Marley® MH fluid cooler (“MHF”) provide the basic geometry and typical pipe connections for each unit size of the product line. The product families, one for single-flow models and one for double-flow models, are compatible with Revit version 2012 and later, and may be downloaded at /revit. The instructions below pertain to single-flow MHF models MHF7101 – MHF7109.

Model Number
The model number in the product family dictates the unit plan dimensions, height, coil size and coil material- please choose carefully. Models with copper coil have specific reference to coil material in the product family model number, while models with steel coils do not.

Coil Inlet and Outlet Connections
Depending on unit size, standard single-flow MHF models have one to four coil inlet and coil outlet connections per cell. Coil connections default to face C (cased side, air inlet on right) in the Revit family, but may alternately be configured to be located on face A. Standard coil connection(s) for steel coils are beveled for welding and grooved for a mechanical coupling. Standard coil connection(s) for copper coils are copper OD. Connection size defaults to commonly used pipe diameter(s) for the unit size selected.

Recirculating Pump Location
The recirculating water pump for each cell is located on the exterior of the unit, and may be configured to be located on either face C (default in Revit family) or face A. The pump may be located on the same face as the coil connections, or on the face opposite the coil connections.


Ultra Quiet Fan (Models 7107 and 7109 only)

Distribution Basin Platform   (face D)

Access Door Platform (face A, face C, or faces A and C)

External Damper (coil   section)

Other optional accessories may alter or prevent the use of these options and/or increase the size of the unit.

Multiple instances of the MHF product family may be inserted into the Revit project for installations having multiple cells. Arrangements with face A of one cell oriented towards face C of another cell are the most common, with coil connections and pumps configured on the outer faces. For installations of more than two cells, additional spacing is required to allow space for pumps and coil connections.

Standard center-to-center cell spacing is listed by model size in the table below. Pump dimensions are not included in the calculation of cell center points.

單位尺寸 Two Cells Each Additional Cell
MHF7101 73.33” (1863mm) 103.33” (2625mm)
MHF7103 109.75” (2788mm) 139.75” (3550mm)
MHF7105 145.75” (3702mm) 175.75” (4464mm)
MHF7107 145.75” (3702mm) 175.75” (4464mm)
MHF7109 217.75” (5531mm) 251.75” (6394mm)

Sufficient clearance should be provided to allow safe access to the tower and its components. The louver face platform option and the access door platform option show the required clearance for a safety cage on the platform ladder. In addition to the clearances necessary to perform basic tower maintenance, appropriate clearance must be provided at the air inlets and air discharge for adequate air flow. The clearance requirements vary by application, but the air inlet clearance can be approximated as the width of the air inlet for one cell, and the air discharge clearance should be no less than three fan diameters. Also note that vertical enclosures around the cooling tower should not rise above the fan discharge, otherwise air recirculation may impact performance.


本資料檔案中提供的 SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.(「SPX Cooling」)產品資訊內容(包括其設計和尺寸)(「資訊」)僅供參考,不能取代專業工程審查和評估的情況。應始終由在適當工程領域獲得許可的專業工程師對應用程式進行最終評估;該個人(而非 SPX Cooling 或其員工和代表)負責手頭應用程式的最終工程設計和性能。

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SPX Cooling 不提供任何明示或暗示的保證或擔保,包括但不限於適銷性或特定用途適用性的任何保證,也不就使用或使用結果做出任何陳述。 、適用性或是否符合任何監管法規或政府法律法規。使用資訊涉及一些風險,資訊結果和效能的全部風險由使用者承擔。

SPX Cooling 保留所有資訊及其所有副本的所有權和所有其他權利和權益,包括但不限於資訊及其任何副本中的專利、版權、商標、商業機密和其他智慧財產權。接受或使用此訊息,即表示使用者同意不使用此訊息,除非本文明確規定,且使用者同意不使用此資訊來代表除 SPX Cooling、其母公司或子公司之外的任何製造商的產品。

除本使用條款明確規定外,資訊的任何部分不得以任何方式複製、複製、再版、上傳、張貼、公開展示、編碼、翻譯、傳輸或分發至任何其他電腦、伺服器、網站或未經SPX Cooling事先明確書面同意,用於出版或散佈或用於任何商業企業的其他媒體。

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