It’s not every day you get to celebrate a 100-year anniversary. But on May 18, 2022, SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. did just that, commemorating a century of Marley products at a once-in-a-lifetime celebration at the Marriott hotel in Overland Park, Kansas.

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The centennial celebration was packed to the walls with former and current Marley and SPX employees, representatives and partners. Marley memorabilia also lined the halls and event space, including large marquee letters spelling out “Marley” and “100,” and a newly constructed timeline with photos and items from each decade of the brand’s history.

The event began Wednesday morning with training sessions designed to equip current representatives with updates to prepare them for the next century of innovations. The courses were followed by a showcase of the ‘Marley Road Show’ in the hotel parking lot, and then a cocktail hour with Marley-themed beverages and hors d’oeuvres.

The main event was an evening of catered Kansas City barbeque and an awards show. Attendees were treated to dinner as awards were announced and handed out to a list of well-deserving recipients in several categories. Award winners were as follows:

2021 FAP Rep of the Year: Stoermer-Anderson

2021 FAP RSM of the Year: Steven Schwalbert

2021 Ed Seniza Award: Angela Sherman (S&S HVAC)

2021 FAP Lifetime Achievement Awards

  • Blair Anderson (Applied Thermal Resources)
  • Jeff Clarke (Enviroair)
  • Jim Gallagher (Environmechanical Sales Inc.)
  • Tim Lippert (P.F. Sherman Co.)
  • Mike Lloyd (SPX)
  • Mike Ogden (Insight Partners)
  • Bart Peterson (SPX)
  • Jill Rowen (O’Brien Equipment)
  • Geoff Schive (DPT)
  • Steve Wertz (Stoermer-Anderson)

2021 FEP Rep of the Year: Christian Power Equipment

2021 FEP RSM of the Year: 克雷格羅

2021 FEP Lifetime Achievement Awards

  • Brian Bridgeford (Stoermer-Anderson)
  • Alan Christian (Christian Power Equipment)
  • Mike Hayzer (Link Associates)
  • Dean Newbold (James, Cooke & Hobson)
  • Ricky Wilson (SPX)

2021 Aftermarket PARTNERS Awards

  • Clint Burns (Insight Partners)
  • Sabrina Gibson (Dyna-Tech Sales)
  • Maria Rosenfeld (Jascko)

Supplier Appreciation Award: Ernest-Spencer Metals

Longest Marley Rep: Midwest Machinery

Longest Marley Employee: Rick Tavis

Longest Marley Alumni: Norine Lauhon