SPX Cooling Technologies is committed to construction safety and our results prove it.

Working safely translates to faster project completion and lower installation costs for customers. We recognize management’s responsibilities and are dedicated to providing and maintaining the safest possible working conditions for our employees. Our goal is to protect all of our employees from injury and to prevent losses caused by accidents. We strive as a company to maintain a positive attitude towards safety with every employee and provide the safest work environment possible.

All supervisors recognize the need for safety at the job site. A good safety record is clear evidence of good management. It is also the responsibility of every employee to work safely and maintain safe areas.

Primary Benefits

  • Exceptional Results – significantly below the industry recordable rate for open-shop construction. Projects are done on time and on budget
  • World Class Safety Process – a process for driving lower recordable incidents and meeting your installation regulatory requirements
  • Extensive Qualifications and Affiliations – proof of the credibility of our processes

Safety Results

  • Global man hours for 2015 — over 1.5 million
  • Experience Modification Rates (EMR) consistently exceptional
  • Participating organization - Board of Certified Safety Professionals STS sponsorship program

Our Safety Principles

  • Safety and accident prevention are top priorities
  • The most important element of our safety program is the employee
  • All accidents are preventable
  • Compliance with federal and state safety regulations is imperative
  • 2015 (2013) Houston Business Roundtable Best In Class Safety Excellence Award
  • 2014 Zero Recordable Injury (Certificate of Merit) NMAPC – Ft. Martin Project
  • 2014 (2012, 2011) Best in Class – Dow Texas Operations
  • 2014 (2012, 2011) Safety Achievement Award – Dow Texas Operations
  • 2014 Safety Achievement Award – Exxon Baytown 17 Years
  • 2013 Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Construction Safety – TAUC
  • 2013 NMAPC Safety Excellence Award – Keystone Cooling Tower Rebuild
  • 2013 (2011) Safety Achievement Award – Industrial Safety Training Council
  • 2013 (2012, 2010) Safety Merit Award – South Texas Industrial Industry Safety Excellence Awards Program
  • 2013 (2012, 2011) Gold STEP Award – Associated Builders and Contractors
  • 2012 STS Sponsorship Ruby Class – Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  • 2012 Houston Business Roundtable Bronze Safety Award
  • 2011 Sunoco – 1 Year
    Injury Free Award
  • 2010 Platinum STEP Award - Associated Builders and Contractors
  • 2010 South Texas Training Council
    Safety Merit Award
  • 2010 Allegheny Energy
    – Safety Excellence Award
  • 2010 (2008) Sunoco – Excellence in
    Safety Performance
  • 2009 Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Construction Safety from The Association of Union Constructors
  • 2009 (2008) Sunoco
    Certificate of Excellence
    for Recordable Rate <0.25
  • 2008 KCPL Latan – 2 Time Contractor of the Month Awards