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With its people-centric culture, #SPXMarley prides itself on attracting top talent to the industry. Ready to help move the needle? Join our #sales team in Overland Park, KS! To apply:

Tune in on Tuesday, April 20! We’ll cover closed-circuit cooling tower/fluid cooler basics, common #HVAC and industrial applications, designs and more. Certificates of Completion to be sent following the #webinar:

With #SPXMarley MBX fill packs, replacing your #coolingtower fill is a cinch! Watch just how easy here:

Compared with air-cooled alternatives, #evaporativecooling offers greater energy efficiency and lower water consumption for data centers. Learn more here: #keepitcool #datacenter

Inspection tip! When inspecting your cooling tower's fill, look for sagging, broken or decaying splash bars or excessive buildup of scale. For more info and to schedule a #coolingtower #inspection with your local rep, visit

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