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What's in your steel? There's a big difference between 301L and 304 stainless - learn why it matters here:

Don't forget to tune in on Tuesday, May 11th for our next live #webinar! We'll be discussing mechanical equipment inspection and maintenance of field-erected cooling towers. Register here:

It's Construction Safety Week! #SPXMarley is committed to construction safety, and our results prove it. Better safety also means faster project completion and lower installation costs for customers. Learn more here: #constructionsafetyweek

The Marley Parts & Service Facility is OPEN! We've got field-erected #coolingtower parts in stock for delivery or pickup, and we can help with your cooling tower inspection, repair, and recon services. Learn more or contact us here:

Our enhanced Marley FIT air delivery selection software considers the relationship among all #coolingtower mechanical system components to recommend a complete system. Try it out here:

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