Cooling Tower Reconstruction

Cooling Tower Reconstruction


Whether you have a tower nearing the end of its life cycle, have greater operational needs or have experienced a structural failure, SPX is ready with a range of solutions that can get your operation back online fast.

With experience that spans several generations, our highly experienced team can restore your towers to optimal condition—renewed performance that can exceed original specifications.

Dedicated reconstruction team | Experience with older towers | Total solutions from design to installation to service | Complete project management options | Tower inspections | Emergency, temporary units to minimize downtime | Over 30 in-house engineers on staff | Wholly-owned construction companies – union and non-union | Over 250 Marley trained craftsmen and technicians


Design, engineering, demolition and construction.

Familiarity with all plant types—power, refining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper and more.

SPX and its legacy brands have designed and constructed 95% of all natural draft and over 140,000 mechanical draft cooling towers in the U.S.

Experience Modification Rates (EMR) consistently exceptional – below 1.0. Click here for additional SPX safety qualifications.

Modular Cooling Towers

When reconstruction doesn’t make sense due to an extended outage, lost time and productivity, modular construction of a new tower is a consideration. Marley pre-assembled towers can deliver 60% sooner and install 80% faster than field-erected alternatives.

The counterflow  Marley MD Everest® Cooling Tower and the crossflow Marley NC Everest Cooling Tower offer monumental advantages for process cooling and industrial applications. These larger, efficient modular structures can increase single-cell cooling capacity while reducing the overall plan area by 10-30 percent compared to traditional field-erected towers.

For more information on modular solutions, visit our Cooling Towers webpage.