Parts For Other OEM Cooling Towers

Now Marley parts are available for your other OEM cooling tower. Find your part now

When your maintenance and repair projects demand quality and reliability, count on Marley engineered to fit, cooling tower components.

MBX Fill
MBX Fill: high performing, bottom supported PVC pack fill with integral louvers and drift eliminators. It provides faster, easier installation.
Marley X7 Fan
X7 Fan: designed for induced-draft cooling tower applications, offering distinct advantages over other fan designs.
Bearings & Fan Shafts: medium/heavy duty bearing replacements for all mounting applications. Vertical / horizontal mounted fan shafts for direct replacements.
Hot Water Basins
Hot Water Basins: designed the Marley way. Hot water basins include Marley ST Nozzles to meet your flow profile.
Fan Belts and Sheaves
Fan Belts and Sheaves: replacement belts to keep your cooling tower in service, and sheaves available in both aluminum and cast iron.
Nozzles For Other Towers
Spiral Target Crossflow Nozzles: injection molded polypropylene units consisting of two parts—the main body with integral target diffuser and a snap-on insert or orifice cap.
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