Industrial Process Cooling


When selecting process cooling systems for industrial applications, there are several key decision factors to be considered:

Site suitability for field-erected cooling tower construction or factory-built modular tower systems

Construction and commissioning timetables

Replacement or reconstruction alternatives

Reliability, longevity and ease of maintenance

Energy efficiency and water management
Industrial Cooling Tower
Marley Evaporative Cooling Systems for industrial process applications are engineered and constructed to address the specific requirements of power generation, refining, and manufacturing operations with demanding process heat loads. SPX Cooling Technologies has the unique capabilities to engineer and build a wide range of evaporative cooling products, from custom-designed field-erected cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers to factory-assembled modular open-circuit steel towers and closed-circuit fluid coolers.

The Marley brand is the evaporative cooling system of choice for some of the largest industrial processes and most complex manufacturing facilities in the world. Applications range from machine jacketing and compressor cooling to full production heat rejection process control. When weighing the advantages of water-cooled systems compared with air-cooled alternatives, evaporative cooling offers greater energy efficiency and lower water consumption.

Our proven production processes can manage lead times to meet construction and planned outage schedules; tower and component arrival at the jobsite is staged to simplify and speed field installation.

In addition, lifetime operational costs make Marley Cooling Towers a wise investment that is easy to monitor and maintain, providing dependable cooling for industrial processes over decades. As manufacturing operations expand, Marley cooling towers allow operators to logically add capacity and optimize production.

Learn more about how Marley Cooling Towers can be part of your industrial process cooling solution:

Marley 400 - 800MD - Unilite

Field-Erected Cooling Towers for higher heat loads

Marley NC Fiberglass

Factory-Assembled Modular Open-Circuit Cooling Towers for medium to high heat loads

MH Fluid Cooler

Factory-Assembled Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers for machine cooling and lower heat loads

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