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When selecting cooling systems for Data Centers and Mission Critical Facilities, there are several key decision factors to be considered:

Construction and commissioning schedules
Reliability and ease of maintenance
Efficiency and water management
Marley Cooling Tower For Data Center

Marley Cooling Towers for data center applications are engineered and built to address the specific requirements of these mission-critical facilities. SPX Cooling Technologies has unique manufacturing capabilities to produce both factory-assembled “package” cooling towers and field-erected modular towers. Our proven production processes shorten lead times. Pre-assembled modules arrive on schedule at the jobsite to simplify and speed field installation.

Marley brand is the cooling tower of choice of some of the largest data center operators in the world. When weighing the advantages of water-cooled systems compared with air-cooled alternatives, evaporative cooling offers greater energy efficiency and lower water consumption.

In addition, lifetime operational costs make Marley Cooling Towers a wise investment that is easy to monitor and maintain, providing reliable cooling for data centers over decades. As data centers scale up, Marley modular cooling towers allow operators to easily add capacity as facilities expand.

Interested in learning more about the energy and water efficiency of evaporative cooling? Visit our on-demand webinar library to view a recorded presentation on this important topic.

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Data Center Cooling

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Data Centers
Cooling Towers For Data Centers

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Marley NC Everest Cooling Tower 3
Marley® NC Everest®
SPX Cooling Technologies embarked on a mission to design and build a cooling tower like no other in the world. Like adventurers climbing Mt. Everest, we knew the challenges yet were driven to achieve something remarkable. We forged a path to the summit that takes cooling to a higher level. The result, the NC Everest, provides epic customer advantages, with up to 50% greater cooling capacity, higher energy savings, fewer components and lower maintenance costs.
Marley MD Everest Cooling Tower
Marley® MD Everest®
When SPX Cooling Technologies engineers began their quest to design a new counterflow cooling tower, they were challenged to reach new heights in cooling performance. Also required was a tower design that would simplify and speed factory fabrication, delivery and field assembly.
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