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Vibration Troubleshooting Guide

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Early detection and inspection of the cooling tower to find the source of the vibration (shaft misalignment, broken gear teeth, imbalances etc.) are key to avoiding downtime and more serious structural damage.

CoolBoost Opti FC Control Panel for Marley MH and DT Fluid Coolers

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Flexible Operating Modes Optimize System Performance: Broad range of operating modes are available with the software, Optimize between energy and water savings, Select Dry Priority – no pump or fan first options, Select Wet Priority – no fan or pump first options.

Sound Power Impacts per CTI Code Revision

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The most common code for measuring and reporting cooling tower sound in North America is Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) ATC-128, Test Code for Measurement of Sound from Water-Cooling Towers.

Basin Heater Steam Injection

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Penberthy NWH bronze steam jet heaters are available for freeze protection (installation by others) in cooling tower cold water basins.

Fluid Cooler Cold Weather Operation

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Preparing a fluid cooler for cold weather operation or shutdown season is similar to an open cooling tower, but with additional requirements. This paper discusses special considerations needed for cold weather operation and freeze protection for fluid coolers.