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Pump Flow vs. Gravity Flow

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Is the cooling tower operating on pump flow or gravity flow? This question is often misunderstood and sometimes results in hydraulic or scope issues that could have been easily avoided.

Use of Vibration Isolators

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Vibration isolators are used with cooling towers as a method to reduce the transmission of vibration, produced by rotating mechanical equipment or water flow, into or within a building structure.

Pipe Tap Requirements (48” — 144” diameter)

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The taps should be located in the longest unobstructed section of straight pipe available and easily accessible, and at positions a minimum of 8-10 pipe diameters from any upstream interference and 4-5 pipe diameters from any downstream interference.

Pipe Tap Requirements (up to 48” diameter)

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These connections should be located on the return pipe to the cooling tower. They may be installed on a horizontal or vertical section of pipe providing an adequate straight run.

Thermal Performance Testing Information

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Most testing done today is conducted using data acquisition systems to measure the temperatures. This discussion assumes this type of system is used.

Motor Space Heater

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The space heater keeps the internal temperature of the motor above the ambient dew point while the motor is OFF. The heater helps to prevent condensation from forming inside the motor which can be damaging to motor windings, bearings and electrical connections.