Cooling Tower Gearbox Solutions

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The gearbox of your cooling tower is a supremely valuable asset, and we realize how important it is for you to keep it running at its best. SPX Cooling Tech has in-house engineers that have been designing Marley Geareducers for over 70 years. Who can troubleshoot and diagnose your particular situation better than the one who designed it? Whether you have questions on Geareducer® operation and maintenance, need components to perform a repair yourself, or want to send your unit back to us for the highest level of care, SPX has the solution.


In-house Marley Inspection and Repair: Send your Marley Geareducer to our repair facility in Houston or Olathe, Kansas, where we will diagnose the gearbox’s condition to determine a level of repair that is most appropriate for your particular model. Once repaired with genuine Marley OEM components, all units are run-in under load before leaving the factory to ensure they are ready to be put back into service right away.

Geareducer Rebuild Kits: Should you decide to tackle the labor yourself, SPX offers kits by Geareducer model that give you all the necessary components to repair your cooling tower gearbox; including gears, bearings, seals, and even oil.

New, Remanufactured and Rebuilt: If you need major repairs and/or would prefer to purchase a new Geareducer, SPX has several options to get you up and running with new or good-as-new gearboxes, each of which comes with a warranty to guarantee the highest Marley quality.

Marley Geareducer Solutions

When buying a new Geareducer, a remanufactured Geareducer or scheduling a repair, you can find the right solution for your needs. Each option comes with a 5-year, 3-year or 1-year warranty respectively.

Cooling Tower Gearbox Options


SPX Cooling knows Marley Geareducers, thanks to over 70 years of designing, assembling, diagnosing and repairing them. Marley gearboxes are built to last, especially when properly maintained, but it is important to identify and correct any concerns before they lead to failure. Whether your Marley Geareducer just needs a checkup, or a complete overhaul, send it to your nearby facility for an inspection and a repair option that will bring your unit back to OEM condition. SPX will even pay the freight to get your Geareducer to our facility, as well as the outbound freight back to you if you choose to proceed with repair. Many components are in-stock for a quick turnaround.


You’ll find a full suite of technical services available to help ensure your operation is efficient, optimized and compliant. Where applicable, our technicians and methodology abide by CTI and ASME guidelines; and regardless of process or procedure, our staff is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Ultimately, SPX Cooling Tech offers you the peace of mind that over a century of cooling tower experience can bring. Because we design, engineer, manufacture and service world-class cooling tower brands, it only stands to reason we understand them and their components better, inside and out.

When you need consultative technical services for your cooling towers—whether it’s to diagnose or upgrade individual units or entire systems—you need to remember only one name: SPX Marley.


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Marley Geareducer Rebuild and Repair Program

Whether you have questions on Marley Geareducer operation and maintenance, need components to perform a repair yourself, or want to send your unit back to us for the highest level of care, SPX has the solution.

Cooling Tower Gearbox Options

Marley Geareducer Podcast

Jerome Jennings from Marley / SPX Cooling Tech. explains the benefits of using a genuine Marley Geareducer gearbox.

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