Extend Service Program


The performance and longevity of your cooling tower is directly correlated to the care and attention it receives. With the EXTEND™ program, Marley® can provide the services required to care of your towers, no matter the age, model or manufacturer. With decades of experience, Marley has dedicated construction teams that can perform professional inspections and preventive maintenance on every aspect of your cooling tower.


EXTEND service starts with a thorough professional inspection. Area of focus include: Structural integrity • Mechanical components • Water distribution • Heat transfer media • Safety

A professional inspection report will follow every inspection to summarize findings and communicate any immediate recommendations for improved performance or reliability, as well as provide a long-term plan to protect your asset going forward, with the goal of maximizing life and minimizing life cycle costs.

Preventive Maintenance
Proactive care will pay dividends down the road in terms of reduced downtime, lower risk of emergencies and unplanned outages, and extended life of components such as gearboxes, motors, driveshafts, and fans. Marley specializes in all the basic preventive maintenance activities including:

Fan blade adjustments • Gearbox oil changes • Driveshaft alignment • Replacing normal wear items

Marley Expertise
The Marley EXTEND program provides many advantages including:

  • OEM knowledge and experience – over a century of innovation
  • Professional inspection reports
  • Cooling tower service specialists perform all the work
  • Award-winning safety
  • Long term solutions to minimize downtime and repairs
  • Focus on thermal performance as the ultimate goal

Extend Premium Service – The Asset Management Program
Marley offers services that allow easy tracking of all the maintenance and repair work performed on your towers. By creating a custom database, we can house important information for your towers such as age and condition of specific components, inspection records, repair history, and performance. This service results in transparent asset management, where Marley can help in forecasting future budget needs to maintain performance and extend the life of your towers.

Professional Services
Marley can provide services that supplement our inspection and maintenance capabilities, including:

  • Gearbox Repair
  • Thermal Performance Testing
  • Structural Testing (Wood/Fiberglass)
  • Fill fouling analysis

With this strong suite of capabilities, Marley can be your provider of turnkey solutions.