Parts For SGS Industrial Refrigeration Products

Quality OEM aftermarket components for your SGS Industrial Refrigeration Products.

Keep your equipment looking and operating at its best with SGS. When your industrial refrigeration equipment needs new components, SGS Refrigeration can supply you and your customers with reliable, long-lasting solutions, from expansion valves to fan guards, motors to replacement coils.

Our replacement parts are designed for quality and are compatible with a variety of manufacturers, including Krack Industrial, Imeco, Frigid Coil and more.

Core Components

Coils: The most important component in your evaporator or condenser, SGS coils are available for a variety of models and in different materials.
Drain Pans: Designed to last, engineered for performance. Multiple sizes available for SGS products and other industrial refrigeration equipment.
SGS Pumps
Pumps: Reliable, industrial-strength pumps for your refrigeration products, backed by 100+ years of experience.
SGS Drift Eliminators
Drift Eliminators: Efficient drift eliminators for industrial refrigeration. Lower drift rates and pressure drop, available for various designs from SGS and other manufacturers.
SGS Spray Nozzles
Spray Nozzles: Industry-leading, reliable and consistent water distribution nozzles engineered by evaporative cooling experts.

Refrigeration Management

Air Movement

DX Distributor Assemblies
DX Distributor Assemblies: SGS distributors evenly distribute refrigerant throughout an evaporator’s circuiting for the most efficient possible heat transfer.
SGS Expansion Valves

Expansion Valves: SGS thermostatic expansion valves efficiently regulate the amount of refrigerant that flows into the evaporator, maximizing efficiency and preventing backflow.

SGS-Fan Blades
Fan Blades: Designed specifically for refrigeration equipment, SGS fans offer efficient and quiet operation and long service life.
SGS Motors
Motors: High-quality motors backed by 100+ years of manufacturing experience and proven in a variety of environments.
SGS Fan Guards
Fan Guards: Guards designed to protect the vital air movement components in your industrial refrigeration equipment.

Mechanical Components

SGS Sheaves
Sheaves, Bushings, and Belts: Additional components necessary to ensure proper performance, SGS offers sheaves, bushings and belts for your industrial refrigeration needs.
SGS Flanges
Flanges and Bearings: Highly rated bearings and flanges built for durability. Let SGS help you find the right part for your needs.
SGS Float Valve
Make Up Valve: Reliable and durable makeup water valves designed to limit water waste during start up and shut down.

Geareducer® Gearbox: Manufactured and utilized in evaporative cooling products for 80+ years, the Geareducer gearbox is among the best and most reliable motors in the industry, and is compatible with a variety of SGS refrigeration products.

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