Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Field Erected or Factory Assembled

Brand: Marley | Product Type: Cooling Tower
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Product Details:

 Availability: Worldwide

Marley Air Cooled Heat Exchangers stand up to the demanding requirements for heat transfer processes in chemical, oil and gas, process and power generation applications.
Thermal Designs Fully Customized to Your Project Specifications
Our ratings engineers understand the wide range of fluid applications, including hydrocarbons, glycol and water.
Proprietary computer models are used to optimize heat transfer surface and pressure drop.
Models are verified to meet or exceed Heat Transfer Research, Inc. (HTRI) thermal design standards.

Proven Marley® Mechanical Systems Available
Fans, belt drives, sheaves and other mechanical components are built for reliability and easy maintenance. Genuine Marley fan and Geareducer® may be specified.
Mechanical equipment is factory tested to meet thermal, vibration, noise and other performance specifications.
Marley Heat Exchangers are available in a range of materials and designs to meet your operational requirements.

Design Configurations:
Forced draft
Induced draft

Tube Metals and Alloys:
Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Duplex stainless steel
Copper nickel
Inconel® and Incoloy®
Hastelloy® and other proprietary alloys

Fin Materials:
Hot-dipped galvanized steel (HDG)

Fin Tube Types:
“L” Footed
Embedded (G-Fin)
Elliptical (Galvanized)

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